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A Lota - Fuseta

A great Fish (and meat) restaurant on the waterfront

A Lota - Fuseta

This restaurant at the waterfront of Fuseta is a great place to enjoy a lunch or dinner. The kitchen is simple Portugese, but it's delicious! They prepare your fish or meat on the large barbecue. We never had a bad experience.

Tip: don't go out for lunch or dinner on Mondays. The fishermen do not fish on Sundays so on Monday there won't be fresh fish!

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 - 15.00h
On Friday and Saturday also from 18.00 - 21.00h

A reservation is not necessary, but when it is busy, just wait a few minutes and you will be seated. Enjoy!

Tel: +351 289 032 002

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