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Our favorite beaches in the eastern Algarve


Fuseta beach Ria

The nearest beach from our Quinta. You can drive straight to the beach, without taking a ferry. Nice beach club too!

Praia do Barril.jpg

Praia do Barril

Probably the beach with the most history!

praia de faro.jpg

Praia de Faro

Just a few minutes outside of Faro you will find this long and spacious beach with a lot of bars and restaurants

Ilha de Tavira.jpeg

Ilha da Tavira

The lovely beach of Tavira


Ilha da Culatra

Culatra, the fisherman's island.

Ilha do Farol.jpg

Ilha do Farol

Farol is the village of the light tower and a great place to go to the beach.

ilha deserta_edited.jpg

Ilha Deserta

The name says it all. A deserted Island with just one great restaurant.


Ilha da Fuseta 

From Fuseta you will take the ferry (5 min) to the island of Fuseta.


Ilha da Armona

Take the ferry from Olhão and in 15 minutes you'll be walking through the cutest little village of the Algarve.

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