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Mo de Cima - Fuseta

Portugese tapas in the middle of the Ria Formosa

Mo de Cima - Fuseta

The Ria Formosa, the natural park of the Algarve consists the salt pans. A perfect place for birds to stay. So when you are sitting on the terrace of Mo de Cima, don't be surprised when you see the flamingo's flying over! 'Mo', means mill. A long time ago this restaurant was a tide-mill. Which means that it runs when the tide comes in or is going out. They left the mill there, so you can see the original mill and the running water.

The food, which is mainly tapas, is great! The atmosphere is cosy and the service is good.

Closed on Tuesdays
Open from Monday (except Tuesdays) till Sunday 17.30 - 22.30h
On Saturdays and Sundays also open for lunch from 12.00 - 15.00h

Tel: +351 913 092 612

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